People often ask if my books are autobiographical. They aren't, at least not exactly. My stories come from a combination of my experiences and my fantasies.

On this page, you'll find the background behind my PROMISES series that includes

  • The Pendant's Promise – released in 2012
  • Love in the Morning Calm – released in 2013
  • Promises to Keep – coming in 2016

The idea for this series came from my days as a Department of Army Civilian at Headquarters, Eighth Army. Though the books are completely fiction, you'll find much from my days in South Korea sprinkled throughout.

jerry and sara

When my First Lieutenant husband received orders for an unaccompanied tour in South Korea, I followed him. I couldn't bear the idea of being apart for thirteen months. Six weeks after he left, I used my power of attorney to sell our car, secured airline tickets for our daughter and myself, and sent him a letter telling him when to pick us up at the Seoul International Airport.

Because my daughter and I were unauthorized dependents in the country, we could not live on the post compound. Instead, we rented an apartment in U.N. Village where Lily lives in Love in the Morning Calm. The apartments were located high above the Han River in a little village called Han Nam Dong.

un village

8th army HQ

Part of my work at Eighth Army involved secretarial duties for President Lyndon Johnson's visit during his Southeast Asia tour, which became the writer's tool I used to bring Lily and Major Ace Cabot together.

gold dress

And, yes, there was a Presidential Reception held at Walker Hill and a gold dress like Lily wore.

Other real experiences and places are in the stories too.

Chungpyung Reservoir.
We picnicked there with friends, which is where I got the idea for the picnic scene in Love in the Morning Calm.

The Bando Hotel

bando hotel

Even the settings in Tennessee and Virginia come from personal experiences.

My husband did a tour at Fort Eustis, VA. Our only son was born at McDonald Army Hospital on the post.

When my husband went from active duty to reserve duty, we settled in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the Atomic Energy Commission (now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) which I used as Lily's place of employment in The Pendant's Promise.

The series begins with four principal characters, Lily Johnson, Alex Cabot, Shirley Carlson, and David Sands. Lily and Alex found their love passed the test of time. Somehow I didn't feel right leaving the series without David and Shirley finding their happily-ever-after.

The last book is in progress. The title is only a working title. Sometimes a better title comes to my editor or me later. Also the release dates is not set in stone. I'm writing as fast as I can.

While I don't know which of my personal experiences will crop up in David's story, I'm confident parts of my life experiences will be there. Writing allows me to relive treasured memories.

I hope you'll find joy in reading them.

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