Christmas Prom Rerun

Welcome to Dawson Springs, Texas
Where dreams are big and love always wins.

Shannon O’Leary always had a plan for her life: escape Dawson Spring and strike it rich as a personal trainer to the stars. Her plan crashed and burned when her two-timing husband squandered every penny of her hard-earned savings.

Broke and divorced, Shannon retreats to her parents’ home to regroup. She takes a teaching job at the high school she once attended. Unfortunately, that also means facing Tyler Evans, the high school sweetheart she jilted, along with responsibility for organizing the annual Christmas Prom.

Being in the familiar place where they’d fallen in love becomes a challenging walk down Memory Lane. Shannon knows she needs to put her life back together before she thinks about love again. She believes she doesn’t deserve a second chance. But she also knows she never stopped loving Tyler.

Can she put the pieces of her heart and life together when her heart insists on falling in love all over again with him?