The Promises Series

Books 1-4

Fate unites three people at Eighth Army Headquarters, South Korea during the turbulent Vietnam War years and their lives are irreversibly linked. Promises they make to themselves and each other bind them forever. The PROMISES series chronicles their lives and loves through the decades that followed.

Each book is a standalone story.

Book 1

Love in the Morning Calm
(Prequel to The Pendant’s Promise)

In 1966, while on temporary assignment to South Korea, Green Beret Major Alex Cabot meets Lily Reed at Eighth Army Headquarters. He’s a high-potential career officer, who should resist the temptation of any woman, but he can’t ignore her.

She is a firm supporter of the budding Women’s Liberation movement determined to escape her small hometown’s love-marriage-baby-carriage syndrome for a life of adventure in a civilian job for the Army. Her plans leave no room for any man. No matter how captivating his smile.

In an uncertain time, in a temporary safe zone, yielding to temptation changes both their lives forever.

Book 2

The Pendant’s Promise

When Green Beret Major Alex Cabot is classified MIA, presumed dead, Lily finds herself pregnant and alone. She fabricates a marriage and widowhood to protect her child from social stigma and begins a life of lies.

Her safe world shatters twenty years later when her daughter’s fiancé turns out to be Alex’s godson.

When they meet face-to-face again, the years melt away, the passion returns. But he believes Lily betrayed her promise to wait for him. She’s convinced revealing the truth could cost her the only man she’s ever loved and the daughter she’s lied to all her live.

Can the lies be forgiven, and the pendant’s promise fulfilled, or is it too late?

Book 3

Until He Returns

Shirley Carlson’s husband was Alex Cabot’s best friend and co-pilot when their helicopter went down in Vietnam. He’s been MIA for decades. She filled her life with family, friends, her business, and David Sands’ companionship. Now David wants more. She wants her husband home and buried before she moves forward with another relationship.

David has loved Shirley since Lily Cabot introduced them. He’s patiently waited for her to come to terms with her husband’s death. All he wants is Shirley at his side, as his wife. He proposes before he deploys, wanting her answer when he returns.

Can Shirley abandon her promise to bring her husband home or will she let her new love walk away?

Book 4

Promises to Keep

David Sands lost his wife Shirley three years ago. Debra Hughes lost her best friend and business partner. They both made promises to Shirley before her death.

He promised to sell their condo and donate the proceeds to their foundation supporting families of MIA and POW soldiers. Debra promised to look after David.

As they comforted each other in their grief, and now work side-by-side to close out the estate, their bond grows into mutual attraction.

Will keeping their promises open their eyes and hearts to a future together?

The Fitzpatrick Family Series

Eight preacher kids, each with a sweet love story of his or her own.

Book 1

When Love Blooms

After a hit-and-run accident leaves her mother confined to a special care facility, Darcy Clark abandons her dream of an art career. Instead, she focuses on helping her father run the struggling family landscape business. She has no time or interest in romance.

When at-risk students from her old high school become her labor force on a city park project, their teacher Andy Fitzpatrick shows up to help and keep an eye on his kids. The chemistry between Darcy and Andy is instant.

Darcy dares to daydream about the possibility of a happily-ever-after until a dark secret connecting Andy to her mother’s accident comes to light. Will the secret kill their attraction before romance can blossom?

Claiming Annie’s Heart

An Irish Love Story

Annie Foster’s outraged parents discover she’s living with her boyfriend Chad Jones and banish Annie to a remote boarding school in Ireland. Believing Chad has deserted her, Annie refuses to return to Texas when she graduates. Instead, she remains in Ireland to nanny a widower’s infant daughter. Now, five years later, she accepts the widower’s marriage proposal.

Chad has never forgotten Annie or the way her parents tore her from him. He refuses to give up hope that someday he’ll find her. Now a private security contractor with NSA, he arrives in Belfast weeks before Annie’s wedding.

Only problem is, he’s there to investigate her fiancé’s connection with terrorists. Without revealing his role, Chad must protect Annie while convincing her she still loves him because he’s never stopped loving her.

Unexpectedly faced with truths she never anticipated, Annie must choose between the man she’ll always love and her fiancé and his child, the daughter she has promised not to abandon. Which man will claim Annie’s heart?

Seeing Clearly

A Romantic Suspense Story

Evelyn Parker is a widow and trusting to a fault. She’s raising her grandson after her only child and his wife die in a suspicious car accident.

Dawson McKey is a divorced, overly cautious ex-cop, who now manages Evie’s shipping company. He trusts no one after his twin sons were killed by a cartel leader’s bomb.

There’s an undeniable attraction, but she’s twelve years his senior and convinced their age difference will haunt their relationship. Dawson’s vowed never to love again, after failing so miserably the first time, but working with Evie challenges his thinking.

Drugs show up in a company shipment at the same time mysterious emails threaten Evie’s grandson. Then the nanny she hired against Dawson’s advice disappears with her grandson and Dawson suspects cartel involvement.

Their search for the toddler tests their trust, even as it binds their hearts.